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However, earnings, and particularly great income, come from love. Notably, Disney’s Star Wars franchise also declined as followers bristled at Disney’s artistic decisions and mismanagement. Episode VIII grossed less than Episode VII, and Episode IX tumbled even further . Disney’s direct-to-video technique did more than ignore audience love — it also ended the “Disney Renaissance” and eventually gutted Disney Animation Studios. By the 2000s, the group’s theatrical gross sales and significant critiques had plummeted . What’s more, fifteen years of lowered requirements had sucked out DAS’ creative vitality, led a lot of its top animators and writers to go away, and resulted in Disney missing the rise of pc animation .

Many of these video-centric franchises originated in other mediums, nonetheless, their reputation influence peaked through film/TV. Disney didn’t want a direct-to-consumer SVOD service to successfully inform tales and construct love for them; it has always been disintermediated and thrived all the same. Disney additionally didn’t want a direct-to-consumer SVOD to collect billions in SVOD profits. Under the “arms dealer” model, it could have just kept making its film and TV reveals and collected $6-10B in SVOD “profits” per yr just from licensing to Amazon, Netflix, Apple, and HBO.