The Flash Movie Trailer Breakdown

Casablanca is up there with the Godfather for many quoted screenplay of all time. This WWII traditional, directed by Michael Curtiz, pairs Scandinavian magnificence Ingrid Bergman with powerful guy Humphrey Bogart for a narrative of lovers ripped aside by struggle and reunited in a far flung Moroccan piano bar—of all of the gin joints in the world. There’s no place like home, and no traditional movie as beloved as Dorothy’s adventures in Oz. The film left its imprint on the sorts of narratives and character types—wicked and good witches, scarecrows, tinmen, and cowardly lions, oh my—we see on film. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” sung beautifully by Judy Garlard, is the cherry on prime.


Given its placement in the trailer, the hand probably belongs to either theDCEU’s Ben Affleck Batman or the Michael Keaton iteration. The place of the limbs signifies vulnerability; this might be a scene the place one of many Batman characters dies, and Barry Allen is reaching out to him. The point-of-view shot of what is presumably the two Ezra Millers entering Wayne Manor demonstrates that the mansion is in a state of disrepair.

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